Wednesday Jun 26

Audiocentric A/V

The latest NAD A/V receiver is here. It's the NAD T 757 and it looks like a winner to me.

The minimalist front panel design fairly sings out "NAD!" to those of us who recall the company's heyday as a major purveyor of very high quality audio gear at moderate prices. The company points with some pride, undoubtedly justifiable, to the special attention paid to the audio circuitry of the T 757, hence the headline above. You can read the title quote in context below. There's also the interesting bit about NAD's modular construction which, the company says, will permit easy upgrades to new technologies as they arrive.

NAD Electronics announces the immediate availability of the NAD T 757 ($1599 MSRP), a state-of-the-art surround sound a/v receiver. The company's latest offering includes NAD's legendary sound quality and complete compatibility with all the latest features and formats to ensure lifelike music and movie enjoyment.

Most A/V receivers available on the market today focus predominantly on the video and surround sound aspects, leaving audio circuitry almost as an afterthought. NAD firmly believes that there are many people for whom music will always come first. With NAD's reputation for high value/high performance it was obvious that the T 757 would have to please audiophiles and videophiles alike.

One the T 757's most compelling features is NAD's proprietary Modular Design Construction (MDC) architecture - unavailable until now at this price level. MDC offers the owner an easy upgrade path to future technologies, protecting their investment from technology obsolescence and ensuring long term satisfaction.