Sunday Aug 25

Updates from SoulSonic

SoulSonic, a high-end speaker manufacturer headquartered in Slovenia, bowled me over with amazingly musical sound from an impossible-looking speaker.  That was about two years ago during Las Vegas electronics show time. SoulSonic was holding forth at the audio-oriented T.H.E. Show.

I recently heard from Miro Krajnc, SoulSonic's top man, with news of changes in the speaker line, pricing, and sales policies.

The general approach at SoulSonic is to combine a ribbon tweeter with dynamic woofers on a fully open panel of more or less trapezoidal shape. There's no box involved. The ones I heard in 2011 used thick glass panels. Plexiglas has come into play in updated models.

In order to facilitate delivery, the speakers will be shipped disassembled. Miro assures me (and you or your dealer) that assembling them is easy and supports this with the observation that the ribbons are easily field-replaceable, taking less than five minutes each. This, by the way, would only be necessary in case of what he describes as "mechanical damage by the hand." In other words, the ribbons ought should handle any stresses from normal audio use. SoulSonic backs that with a five year parts and labor warranty.

There are currently two models in the SoulSonic line: the larger Impulse and the more compact Impact. The prices as quoted on the SoulSonic Speakers website are 15,990 and € 6,990 respectively. These are for the basic versions with standard finishes. Custom work--as in premium finishes, premium crossover components, premium terminals--can be ordered up for additional fees.

How this all works for some one not near SoulSonic's production facilities is still somewhat up in the air. Direct-marketing for the smaller Impact would seem feasible, particularly given the "knocked down for easy assembly" idea. I figure I'll find out more come January 2013 in Las Vegas.

If you're interested in more detailed info about all this, I'm posting a slightly edited version of Miro's recent communications here and a link to the SoulSonic site here.