Sunday Aug 25

Precision: new residential hi-fi speaker line from Tannoy

Tannoy's Precision group of speakers seems to be a solid anchor in the company's extensive lineup of residential hi-fi speaker offerings. Here's a slightly edited version of their press release (I omitted the matching center channel speaker) along with some photos. At this writing, I don't have pricing information. I'll add it as soon as it's available. You can find additional personal observations at theSoundscapeBlog.

Tannoy Precision is a new upper level loudspeaker range that combines audiophile detail and delicacy with remarkable musical dynamics.  Visually the Precision line boasts contemporary cabinets with cutting edge fit, finish, and features.

Every entry in the Precision range makes use of a new 6 inch version of Tannoy’s well received Dual Concentric™ driver with WideBand™ tweeter technology. This point-source driver delivers exceptional accuracy with extremely low coloration to ensure Precision loudspeakers deliver the heart and soul of music.

The flagship Precision 6.4 is a floorstanding speaker combining the new 6 inch Precision Dual Concentric with a matching bass driver. The large cabinet volume is loaded with a pair of front mounted auxiliary bass radiators for higher efficiency and deeper, tighter low frequency reproduction.

The smaller Precision 6.2 is a rear-ported cabinet design using the same drivers. The stand-mount Precision 6.1 puts the driver in a compact rear-ported cabinet.

The 6 inch (150mm) Dual Concentric Precision driver features Tannoy’s latest 1 inch titanium dome WideBand™ HF driver with the company’s proprietary and innovative Tulip Waveguide™. The mid/low frequency cone is an ultra-rigid multi-fibre pulp material with a natural rubber roll surround to ensure the most natural articulation through the mid band.


Precision’s heavyweight cabinets use flat front and rear baffles coupled with curved side panels to reduce internal reflections. Each driver is mounted using Tannoy’s proprietary Differential Materials Technology (DMT) material to acoustically couple each driver chassis to the cabinet.

Floorstanding Precision models are further enhanced with custom made stabilising plinths and a Mass Loading Cavity which can be filled with ballast materials to further tighten bass response in-room. The new plinth design offers top-access adjustment of the floor-coupling spikes and the terminal block features Tannoy’s signature fifth terminal allowing users to tie the driver chassis to the amplifier ground and reduce RF interference in the audio system.