Sunday Aug 25

Parasound HALO: Black is the new black.

Personally, I like silver finishes but I know black is appealing to other eyes.  What's really nice is having a choice and that's what Parasound is offering buyers of its top end HALO line.

San Francisco (9/24/12) -- Parasound has announced that its flagship HALO product line will now be offered in a black finish in addition to the titanium-silver finish that has characterized the line since it was launched over ten years ago.

The new front panels are made of extruded aluminum, with a brushed hairline black anodized finish. The recess in the front panel is bead-blasted for a contrasting texture. This high-quality finishing process produces a durable, long-lived finish that has contributed to the timeless Halo design concept and, in the opinion of Parasound's under and president, Richard Schram, "continues to be uniquely satisfying and less “techy” looking than the majority of audio products."

"The impetus to offer Halo in black," Schram continues, "comes from our dealers and their customers, who are increasingly using AV receivers and popularly priced surround processors as the “front end” of their surround systems. The majority of AVRs are black and some end users have a strong preference for components of a single color. HALO black panels will be manufactured by the same vendor that has made HALO silver panels since HALO was introduced. Their finish/color have been absolutely consistent among models and year after year."

The first HALO product to be offered in Black as well as Silver, is the HALO A 31 three-channel power amplifier, followed in roughly monthly intervals by the A 51 five-channel and A 21 two-channel amplifiers. All three of these amplifiers use the same 250-watt high-current power amplifier stage so they can be used together in large multi-channel home theaters, while retaining identical sound characteristics from channel-to-channel. After these three models, the company will continue to work through the full HALO line.

There is no upcharge for black and prices are the same as present silver HALO.

The Parasound HALO A 31 black will be available in October with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $3,000.