Tuesday Mar 26

Brill: Better Than Bose?

The noisest regular activity for most people is mowing the lawn.  Muffling the din from that activity is one of the great blessings of noise-reducing headphones.  In fact, the weekly lawn trim is the main purpose I've kept a set of such phones at hand for the past few years.

Now those phones have to wait patiently in a drawer for my next plane flight.  I have recently attacked the lawn work noise situation at its source by switching to a nearly silent human-powered mower.  The one I chose is the Luxus 33 model made by Brill in Germany and distributed in the US by Sunlawn

Yes.  I provide not only the motive power to move the machine around the yard, but also the effective power that spins the blades that neatly shear the grass.  This Brill machine is a far cry from the ponderous push-type reel mowers that I recall from my youth.  It weighs just 15 pounds and since the blades don't come in contact with the lower plate, pushing and cutting happen very easily.

The mower produces a quiet whirr while in operation, not enough to interfere with listening to a personal CD player through conventional headphones.  It's a real treat.

Not only do I benefit from this low noise lawn maintenance, so do my neighbors.  And although this is a sound-oriented site, I have to mention a few additional non-audible benefits.  The human-powered device doesn't smell, doesn't produce excessive heat, doesn't need as much regular maintenance,
doesn't use costly fuel, and always starts right up.

Think about it.