Saturday Feb 16


Here are a few listening recommendations that I came up with a few years back.  Most are still available here or there.



Kenny Burrell

The 2005 Prestige Profiles series of CDs merits a strong recommendation and a minor warning. Taking the latter first, you should know that these compilations are exactly the same as the corresponding Best Of... CDs that came out in 2004.

Toward the end of 2005, an email from my editor announced that it was time to draw up another favorite recordings list. The annual discomfort welled up. Some reviewers may welcome this sort of task. I don't.

I could ease some of the pain by keeping listening notes throughout the year. But that would enforce a year's worth of cognitive deliberation that would interfere with my musical pleasure.

When There Are Grey Skies

Throughout the year [2003] I kept track of a few special recordings so I'd be ready.  I'm going to keep descriptions terse.  These are in utterly random order, by the way.

Reaching Out LPReaching Out CD

2002 has been an odd year for me as far as adding music to my collection goes. Very few new releases have grabbed my attention and the reissues have often been problematic.

Modern Jazz Sextet

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