Saturday Feb 16


Latin jazz places special demands on its creators.  A band must sound relaxed while dealing with complex rhythms that require precise, yet energetic, treatment.  And no matter how fiery the proceedings get, the musicians must communicate melodically, and honestly.  There's no room for untidy musicianship or ego trips.  Neither the music nor its audience will tolerate such abuse.  (Yes, I have a specific transgression in mind, but that recent CD shall remain nameless here.)


Latin jazz patriarch Chico O'Farrill says "I'm a big band writer" and sets forth ten charts full of Pure Emotion to demonstrate that premise to anyone's satisfaction.

For nearly twenty years, SESAC (a music licensing entity similar to ASCAP and BMI) operated a recording division which prepared transcriptions for radio station use.  Stations who subscribed to SESAC's service would receive a set of 16 inch transcriptions each month along with printed commentary and anecdotes that DJs could use while presenting the music--music that was not otherwise available to the stations' listeners.

Exultation! was Booker Ervin's first and finest session for Prestige and, not coincidentally, offers some of the best  Frank Strozier on record. Ervin's bristling yet stylish hard bop abounds and there's even a rare exquisite ballad performance  ( of Fats Waller's  "Black and Blue").

United Future Organization is a jazz-dance-dj-Afro-salsa-samba collective that formed on the Tokyo club scene a few years ago. No Sound Is Too Taboo is the group's second North American release. It's a powerful work that may break UFO through to solid acceptance here. The group apparently already enjoys considerable renown not only in Japan but also in the UK and Europe.

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